(not yet) dead artist archive

Additional Information

If you're an older artist who is not yet ready to retire, not willing to go gently into the good night, AND you want to give back to the art community, consider submitting work for the Legacy shows in the DAA gallery.

If accepted, 10 of your favorite works of art will be shown in a Lagacy Show. After you pass, in the distant future, your work will archived in the Dead Artist Archive and shown in future Posthumous Shows.

Here's the deal:

If we sell your work during your lifetime, in a Legacy Show, you get the proceeds (minus 30% for the DAA scholarship fund for young artists).

If we sell your work in a Posthumous Show, 100% of the proceeds go to the DAA scholarship fund.


This is for artists without living children, heirs, or foundations. You must be legally free to bequest all ten pieces to the Dead Artists Archive.

Send photos of four of the ten pieces you want us to see to

In the email include dimensions of work, materials, process etc. Include a link to your website if you have one.

include a brief artist statement. or not.